Blog Post 4: Christmas Event Part 2


When we went there, we were overflowing with excitement to help out with the event! However, we were worried that we had forgotten the steps to make the ball that we were taught back on Wednesday as they were rather complicated to make. Through some guidance by a fellow volunteer, we managed to recall everything, and started practicing how to make the multiple different coloured balls! In the end, we made a total of 15 balls! These ornament balls were then sold at the Christmas event.


Moreover, I was even able to teach others who wanted to give a try at making it for the first time! It was definitely a memorable experience being able to master it, and then pass the knowledge to others. Seeing a huge grin on their faces when they showed their Christmas balls off to their friends really made my day! I felt extremely confident when teaching all the students which was definitely a stark difference in my emotions when making the balls as compared to Wednesday. All the practice making the Christmas balls at home and at the centre had really paid off! 😀

Even so, at first, I was immensely nervous that I would not be able to teach them in an easily comprehensible manner. However, through the specific use of terms to describe the different processes, it made everything much easier and I was really glad to see that they had understood. After a few tries, they were able to make their own ball with little to no help! 


Our surroundings were also slightly different from Wednesday’s. Instead of Disney princesses, there was an uncle dressed up as Santa promoting the event! Children came over with their families, and were extra eager to spin the wheel and gain their prizes. One of the visitors managed to win one of the rarer prizes: a huge soft toy! Furthermore, one visitor that struck me the most was a little boy who really wanted the grand prize! However, he was unable to get it after 2 tries. After much pestering, his mother finally gave in and allowed her child to spin the wheel three last times. Much to his delight, he managed to win the grand prize on his very last spin! Beaming from ear to ear, the boy held his prize proudly as he posed for a picture for his parents. It was truly a joy to see!


This has been such an insightful journey and we have had so much fun too! We will definitely be recycling our plastic at home and trying out new crafts whenever we are free. Till next time!