Blog Post 3: Christmas Event Part 1


The second time we went for the session, we were more confident of my ability to tug and pull plastic strips together, and it started out great! We managed to do the first few steps without any guidance based on pure memory. Nevertheless, our expertise ended right there, and we ended up having to ask for help for all the next few steps. It was a struggle. However, when we got to the last few steps, everything just came together really easily and it was so much fun! We even managed to make a few balls!

Along with my friend, we also gave out flyers to promote the activity. Making our way outside, we were fearful at the thought of rejection. πŸ™ Being strategic, we stood near the MRT station where many people were walking to and fro on their day. Reaching out to strangers and offering them flyers was quite a struggle, as many also ignored us or waved us away. At first, we were a bit shocked when people rejected us but we became used to it and approached more people, eventually letting our mission to give out all the flyers emerge successful! πŸ™‚

We hope we managed to help promote the programme, and guide others in the process of making the christmas ornament!Β 


Apart from our own experience and activities, there were many others hustling to and fro with their roles. The area was split into two: the cafe and the area where we conducted the activities. The cafe was adorned with many decorations including fairy lights and a Christmas tree. What really stood out to us was the fact that most of the decorations were actually crafts handmade by the volunteers and they were gorgeous! This in turn made us feel that decorations don’t necessarily have to be store bought when we could just make our own.

There were three activities being conducted. Firstly, a few volunteers were manning the booth, selling off the crafts that volunteers made. Since this was a special Christmas event, there was a spin the wheel game where anyone could come over and pay a dollar to spin the wheel. One of the kids who tried actually won 2 soft toys on the first try! Everyone was so excited for him.

Some volunteers were teaching some of the attendees how to make the mini ball shaped Christmas ornament! We originally wanted to help out there but we were still not very confident of our abilities so we decided to help in other areas πŸ˜€


Lastly, there were even two aunties dressed up as princesses to attract children to join the crowd! They were available for photo taking opportunities and it was so heartwarming to see how enthusiastic they were when taking pictures with the young children.


It was indeed festive and gave off strong Christmas vibes πŸ™‚