Blog Post 2: Learning how to make Christmas Balls


When we entered the venue we were really excited to give a try at making something out of the paper strips. We were fascinated by how these tiny strips of plastic could be put together to make beautiful crafts and we couldn’t wait to get to work!

It was honestly very difficult at the start but the company and joy of doing it with my friend made it easier. We went through all the processes from start to finish: washing, trimming and eventually cutting of the plastics into strips. By using the strips we reached the final step: making a ball!


The steps were numerous and hard to visualise what to do next. There were many possibilities as to where the strips could fit in and I constantly did the wrong step. It was infuriating due to my lack of patience! Some strips were stubbornly thick and difficult to maneuver as well, and the pockets seemed so puny making it so frustrating to put through. 

Despite all my struggles, I managed to pull through and form my very first ball. My friend, on the other hand, understood and could visualise where to put the strips, as she claimed that she has done origami in the past, making her process of making the ball less arduous. I however knew that I was just not nimble and good with my hands. A pity 🙁 



The second time I tried, it was relatively easier but I still kept fumbling as I could not see where the next steps were. However, I was given guidance from both my friend and the instructor, making the process easier. 

All in all, I learnt patience and determination through this activity, and am super proud of my achievements: a ball that can be hung as a Christmas ornament! (and hopefully my skills would be put to good use in the event, where I will attempt to teach others how to make the ornament: look out for the next post!) I also gained some pro tips for my next session of making Christmas balls! It was easier to make the balls when the plastic strips used were mainly the soft ones as they would bend more easily. 


We can’t wait to put our skills into action next week!