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About Us

CraftPreneurs of SG Pte Ltd is a social enterprise of SingYouth Hub, a charity registered in Singapore.

Our Vision

To empower the people of Singapore to live a purposeful, happy and active life.

Our Mission

To connect people of all ages to create craft together.

To care for the community

To help SSAs improve sustainability by reducing dependency on external funding


Meet our Trainers

Lina Chia (Niji)

Being introduced to NIJI craft by her sister, she begins her learning journey from the craft workshops where she learnt the fundamentals of paper crafts and uncovered her creativity. Upskilling herself constantly, she worked on her information technology skills to conduct workshops online for others to continue learning. As a trainer for CSG, you’ll always see her engaging everyone in the class, ensuring that they are able to make the craft and to have a great time!

Akshatha DR (Quilling)

Akshatha is proof that you can have the best of both worlds. A Software Consultant by profession but an artist by passion. She was trained in color pencil sketches, Indian form of arts like mural work, acrylic on canvas to name off a few. With a strong interest in learning other forms of art, she watched tutorials online and attended lessons too. She is a trainer for CSG and conducts quilling classes!

Lucy Chua (Upcycling)

With an active and outgoing personality, Lucy never gets bored and has interesting activities to look forward to daily. She is always eager to learn and feels a great sense of achievement whenever she learns something new. Priming her health as one of her top priority, she exercises regularly with her group of friends. Her love for upcycling works continued to grow ever since she learnt it back in 2018. Being an optimistic person, you’ll never fail to notice her when she’s around. Being an upcycling trainer, get ready to turn your recyclables into usable items!